About Al-Durra National Real Estate Company

It was established in 2005 to provide leadership in the expanding real estate industry throughout the GCC countries and the MENA region. The company secures the latest information about market trends to ensure the continuity of its innovative development and accelerated growth. Al Durra is committed to providing a top level of professionalism in all of their work by utilizing the highest expertise in the real estate sector Al Durra looks forward to continued growth through several strategic alliances in the GCC and MENA real estate sectors. The company is involved in every facet of the real estate industry, including purchasing, developing and selling both properties and land. Al Durra is also a leader in property maintenance throughout the region. Additionally, the company is committed to their management and operating endeavors, including their involvement with hotels, clubs, resorts, sporting stores, restaurants, galleries, parks and gardens.

Projects and Investments

Four Stars Hotel Apartment

Apartment Complex

Commercial Tower

Investment Tower

Hotel Apartments


projects from associate companies

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When you work with us, your mission becomes our mission. We believe our employees play a critical role in our success. We realize that our commitment does not depend on providing a challenging work environment, It extends to the personal and professional growth of employees.

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